Personal Blog

My personal news, stories and other interests.

Degu Daydreams

A blog by my rodents with info and interesting stories 😉

Let me entertain you

My reviews on movies, series, games and manga.


Loads of pictures I took due to a hobby of mine: photography


My blog about gardening on my balcony.

My Lego creations

My own custom builds and reviews on some Lego sets.

Who am I?


I'm a hobby web developer with loads of interests. While learning to code, it made sense to create some blogs about the things I care for and enjoy, so that my experience and anecdotes could be shared with others.

I also create sites for friends and acquaintances which - if they allow me to - will be linked here, so you can get an idea of what I do. Maybe you like what you see and I could help you, too?

I hope you enjoy the stay and visit some of my sites.